Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

The secret to a brighter, healthier, and more inviting workspace is right under your feet! If the carpets in your workspace and building are looking trampled, worn down, or dirty, it might be time to get them cleaned. Have our team of experts come in and completely transform your space by removing all the tough stains and dirt that has built up in your carpets.

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Professional Clean You Can Trust

You’d be amazed at how much filth a carpet can hold. It is constantly in contact with the bottom of your shoes holding all the dirt you track in from outside. Regular vacuuming can’t get deep enough to properly clean high traffic areas, not to mention all the spills and stains that may occur.

Here at the Cleaning Co. we understand that the cleanliness of the workspace directly affects the satisfaction of the employees which is why it is important to keep every aspect of it well maintained. Our carpet cleaning services use the latest in cleaning technology to get rid of tough stains and dirt from your carpets and our low moisture systems ensure quick drying times.

Protecting our Planet with Eco-Friendly Products

The Cleaning Co. makes sure that all of our products are eco-friendly. We use strong, effective products that are safe for kids and pets. We ensure that our cleaning products are good for the future of your business and our planet.

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Benefits of Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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A Happy Environment Means Happy Staff

You can remove years of build up dust and dirt with one good deep carpet cleaning. You’d be surprised at how fresh and inviting your space feels. Bring back that first day feeling that is sure to put a spring in all your employees’ steps.

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Shows Professionalism and Dedication

Weird stains and smells are not how you want guests to remember your business. Keep your space clean to show them that your business takes pride in its work and can be trusted in the services you provide them.

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Extends the Life of Your Carpets

Worn down areas are more likely to rip and tear causing a tripping hazard for guests and employees. Redoing the floors of your business can be a costly endeavour. By regularly cleaning your carpets, you ensure that they last for years to come.

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Convenient and Quick Drying

We understand that your time is precious to you. That’s why our company uses the latest carpet cleaning technology to ensure that your business gets the best possible clean with the shortest possible drying time.

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Happier, Healthier Staff

Bacteria and allergens cling to soft surfaces like your carpets. By having your carpets deep cleaned you remove all the harmful germs that can cause your employees to get sick allowing them to make the most of their time at work.